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Mr Banerjee knows very well how sport has an important place for the growth, development and balance of children as for physical form, health as for mind. So now sport is very present among all activities in the different  centres. At Bhambarde school one sport is very important : soccer and this centre provides a ggod platform to practice it  and different other activities.


In all centres coaching in different sports is provided to many enthusiastic childre, youngsters.

Mr Banerjee is very enthusiast for this idea : to promote soccer in India. For this project is need sponsor and support : 8500 euros are necessary to create a good sport housing project with 1 or 2 soccer grounds. One steam of 16 children (10/14 years old) is already constituted with a teacher and a coach come from Kolkata (a famous place in India for soccer). This coach is a good soccer player in “A” division.

Here, in France, we have tried to establish contacts with French Federation or with Mr Z.Zidane but ……….no success.





In all centres of Samparc children can learn and develop training of these traditional arts :

dance, music, drawing and painting, theatre and singing.

For example at Samparc Balgram Shel-Pimpalgaon, children receive training in learning Classical Music, Playing Harmonium and Tabla under the guidance of Mr. Santosh Desmulkh and Mr. Shankar sutar.

With sports, traditional games and meetings , arts compose the extra curricular activities.




Some years ago we have met a young girl : Rashmi who was very happy to draw , to paint and results were completely naturally , very good.

Now , as soon as it’s possible when we go to India , we give material, paint and paper to her : she can discover new technicalities.

Rashmi of course is an adult now, she always makes progress.

Rashmi is now 20 years old, she has achieved studies and has a job. She has a dream :

to come in France because here some arts painters want to meet and show to her their technicalities.

To realize her dream she works and hopes that during 2 years she can keep enough money to buy her plane’s ticket. To success alone for this dream is her will …………… Good!  To be continued !