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why - how

Samparc Association France is like a bridge between you and orphan children, poor and needy children.
Association according to the law 1901 . Official statement on 2/08/2003
N° prefect : 037 201 52 22
– Why do you do a sponsorship ?
You can help Samparc Balgram to give the main tools for making an Orphan and needy child self sufficient for his future development and rehabilitation which  can be achieved only through education and vocational training.
– How do you do your sponsorship ?
You must fill in the form below.
Send it to : SAMPARC / D. BLIN BOUVIER , 6 , Le Petit Chauvigny, 37 310 COURCAY.
Samparc Association  propose documents concerning a child to you. When you give your agreement we take care of contact with Samparc in India.
Every year you will receive a new document “annual progress report”, to follow the evolution of this child : study, behaviour and health.
Concerning the financial participation Samparc Association France collect and transfer funds to avoid taxes to you. The sponsorship involve the joining cost so, with it you will receive information come from India and about our actions, meetings organized by our association in France.

: Danièle at +33 2 47 94 10 82 or

Bulletin to sponsor

To sponsor a child
you can download the bulletin below

And send it with your participation : 220 € to :
6,  Le Petit Chauvigny
Smile     Thank you for children     Smile