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Mr Amit Kumar Banerjee is
the Founder director/Secretary of Samparc .
The president is Mr K.K. Singhvi, Sr Advocate Supreme –Court .

 Mr Banerjee work at the service of needy children since 1984 . He has met Theresa Mother and has decided to start a very humble purpose to give a new identity to these children , at the footsteps of famous Bhaje Caves with 7 orphan children : it was the beginning of a very  beautiful adventure which goes on now and get together today more than 700 children and youth come from different and various  difficult situations.

This organization is also in charge of different projects and actions all contributing to an improved quality of life, growth and developmentof children such as :
- Transport for children to commute from Bhaje to school which is very needed especially during monsoon.
- To set up drinking water systems
- Plantation of orchards
- Programmes of vaccination

Presentation SAMPARC

SAMPARC ASSOCIATION was created  on 2002, to get together the different donnors, sponsors in France and Samparc Balgram in India.
The head-office is at Truyes ( 37320 France ), the post address is :
6   Le petit Chauvigny

Aims : To support and to help the indian organization with funds . They have staff, ideas, much will-power but they need means to success.

 Actions :
- Sponsorship : 220 euros per year, per child. All the mount is sent to Samparc in India . The sponsor knows some details about the child. He receives every year the annual report with the details about evolution  of this child.
 - Donations :we collect money at the time of exhibitions or meetings to support some specific projects for example : a batik  manufacture , construction of a school, the cheese manufacture with milk of buffalo cows .

Members : our association is composed of a staff with only voluntaries members .Everybody can become  adherent member  with only 20 euros per year and receive information about our association, about Samparc Balgram with it.


SAMPARC was born on 1991 at Pune near Mumbai. A a small group of children stayed at this center because there was few of means. Now the director is happy and proud on the success of Samparc which help children for twenty years. Through a continuel development many centers are opened in different countris In India .Now the staff of Samparc work  at the service of more than 700 children and youth.

to become a model organization for providing care,protection and rehabilitation for overall growth and development of the rophan and destitute children along with better education, health and nutrition with the support from the Community.
to empower the Poor , Needy Children and Disadvantaged Community People to maximize their potential and enable them to become Independent and Self-Reliant and to meet the objective by working in various states of the country.
rehabilitation  care and education of : Orphans children of sex workers, Children whose parents are serving imprisonment and needy disadvantaged rural children.

Project Training

Trough different exhibitions :

markets (for example on Chrismas time), hikes and festivals,

we were able to sell Indian handcraft and collect money . With the benefit we have bought material for manufacturing of textile, sheets Samparc by wemen who learn a job.


Project Cheese

A project is actually in progress : manufacturing of cheese with from buffalo cows. At first it’s a good food for children, an important and necessary contribution to their growth development. Later we will decide, if it’s possible, to market this food product out of Samparc Balgram................... in the future.