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SAMPARC - The name of this organization is Samparc. Balgram is “orphenage” in Indian language. As to Samparc, it’s difficult to translate with words but imagine :a picture : two hands locked, sticked together : inseparable hands : symbol of an united family.

This organization is composed with several centres which are in different areas of Maharashtra ( near Mumbai ) and other states such as : Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, West Bengal.

Concerning  the centres of Maharashtra children are  divided according as they are girls or boys and as they choose a kind of school, study or job.

 The Head Office at Talegaon Dabhade is playing an important and effective role in coordinating with Government officials, donors sponsors and with the staff and children.

  •  At each place, a leader is in charge of this centre with tutor, helpers and mothers for children.
  • The house mother take care of about 10 children in each house  : the house is the place where a group of children stay for sleeping like at home . Sometimes children take meals in their house, sometimes in the dining hall according as the organization of buildings.
  • Sure, mothers are very closed with children but every adult person is feeling that everybody is in charge of children, responsible towards children.

When we stay at Samparc we are very quickly feeling that we are in a family  : a big welcoming, friendly and open family.

Everywhere, centres integrate with surrrounding community , participate and make exchanges for service and support with inhabitants of villages. 

In India wedding has a very important place and it’s very expensive : ceremony, dowry, clothes......... At Samparc girls can be maried when they have reasonable age and only if they want it . So Samparc support all expenses.



Now and follow up a new law of the government, six years old and more boys and girls must be separated . So there is the new distribution of children into different centres.



This centre is the first : it’s the beginnning of this “ great adventure “ . It was started in 1990 at footsteps of famous Bhaje Caves 10 kms away from Lonavla, 60 kms away from Pune.

There are total 115 children comprising essentially girls and some little boys . It is absolutely necessary to this centre to have fencing for the safety of the girl’s inmates and it is allowedfor rehabilitation a building near Malavli Station to make space more.

Children go to school in the village. More this centre with vocational training programme provides training to about 260 youths come from surrounding villages for industry jobs (welding, wiring, woodjobs...) textile jobs (batik, fashion designing,tailoring...) jewellery making  and computer . Good interchange between Samparc and Community.




This centre is near Chakran in suburbs of Pune. The balgram has 61 children and all the children are maintained excellently due of Mr.Amalkrishna Ganguli, 4 house mothers and 2 helpers and 1 tutor .Overall education progress of the centre is very good for school results, music, sports, yoga,etc…

At the same time, the Local Level Managing Committee supports the centre and one good programme was marriage of two girls, which was also supported by the local level managing committee.

A very important work in this centre is growing and pollennisation of roses and agriculture: corn, sugar beetroot, fruits and vegetables, flowers………..for their consumption and for sale.




This centre is situated near Alibag on the western coast in the south of Mumbai, in Raigad district .It is one of the best child development projects, it is maintained excellently and 56 children are benefiting from this centre. The unique part of it is the excellent school examination results.


Two buildings separated by a street make easier the organization boys/girls separated.



In Bal Asha Ghar project near Lonavla 43 children stay in this orphanage where they are protected. They are socially victim from Mumbai via an organization or from Pune. This centre is in charge Mr Satish Mali and his staff have proved by their hard work and determination that children can be changed to strong, healthy and can be improved for good education and result.


BHAMBARDE  School & Hostel

Samparc started a High School & hostel at Bhambarde in remote forest part of Mulshi Taluka and started education support for 202 poor and needy rural and tribal children come from nearby 17 villages. There is at this place one hostel for girls, one for boys, a medical centre.

Government is partly paying the salary of Teachers and hostel staff. Rest all expenses are borne by Samparc.

Students are doing excellent in studies and games, sport like soccer. This year 34 children appeared for 10th exam and 33 passed with good marks. The centre also runs Agricultural traininf program and it’s also at this place that our French Association support a new project : manufacturing of cheese with milk of buffalo cows.




The project was started for rehabilitation of earthquake victim rural and urban children.  (Gujarat on 2001) . Now all children are grown up and new set of needy children have come .This centre has 40 children.



The Kolkata centre is run at Tallygunj where 27 children are living : children from remote slum area where they were mostly of one parents whose life would be meaningless without support. This centre is running smoothly. The education and cultural activities of the centre are quite good .These children are very good in cultural activities, sports, drawing, painting and school studies.




This project has been started by Goa Local Level Managing Committee of Samparc where at present 14 girl children are living. It is expected that mostly the children of sex workers and other needy children would be admitted through Child Welfare Committee.

Samparc is trying since last 8 months to get permission from Government of Goa to start a children home. As per the expert in child development the place proposed for starting a children’s home would be an excellent place for running the children’s home for the orphan children.



Jodhpur local committees especially M.K.K Singhvi and Singhvi families are developing children’s hostel  . Mr Amitkumar Banerjee took his team to conduct a survey to understand how best it can effectively reach the needy children. Most of the quarry workers earn good wages but all the income they drain into alcohol. As a result the family and children suffer.

This year Samparc received 2 big surface land gifted by a farmer for starting an orphanage. So Samparc has extended its legal support like Goa for running the centre. It is expected that the centre will start on 2012.



Under this program :
-Anjar with 110 children

-Jodhpur : 60 children

-Kolkata : 225 children
-Maval , Mulshi Taluka and Pune : 200 girls

Community Education Support extends all financial support for the education of children, school stationery, follow up with parents and school and advocate right of the children at community leve. It’s a good work of prevention .



At Lonavla near station of Malavli this training centre is opened for children from Samparc and surrounding villages to learn : Fashion Designing, Electrical Wireman, Welding, Armature Winding, Computers, Jewellery Fabrication.




  Near the station of Malavli /Lonavla /railway line Mumbai / Pune,

this centre is working under the able leadership of a surgeon, Dr Satish Patil and 2 medical officers, coordinator, nurses and other staff . Samparc operates also Mobile Medical Van which is attended by 200 patients monthly of 22 villages of Maval Taluka . A new rural hospital building is under construction.



This program has helped many women to have their own savings groups,

there are 196 micro-credit groups , they take all financial decisions and they look after their family needs. There are various programs : agriculture, health, different types of business…….



The women’s counselling centre is guided by Women’s commission with Local Court, Police and Government Authorities .This centre has been working very hard to resolve and make the women aware of their basic rights and conducted an awareness program on domestic violence .They also visit schools to give awareness to growing girl child.



Samparc also started Children’s Holiday Home at Ganpatipule near Ratnagiri . Three children living in the centre and one is studying in 11th standard .The main aim of this centre is to create vacation for the orphans near sea shore .